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The textile and garment and shoe shoe two exhibition opened yesterday-3406js金沙国际-3356.com

Date:2017-5-15 15:45

Express News Southern China largest 2017 Chinese (Dongguan) International Textile & Clothing Industry Exhibition and the 2017 Chinese (Dongguan) international shoe shoe industry technology exhibition in March 29, 2017 -4 month 1 days in Dongguan Houjie Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center held around the world, display technology and advanced production equipment, so that exhibitors and buyers to open up business opportunities. Attracted more than 300 enterprises to participate in the exhibition. Among them, the Hongkong Association of clothing vehicles for the first time exhibitors. Exhibitors from China, China, Hongkong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Italy, the United States and Switzerland and other countries and regions.

The exhibition set up Hongkong sewing machine Association &ldquo Hongkong Museum; ” intelligent sewing production line and automation system demonstration, &ldquo row marker ” quick of eye and deft of hand game; application of the extended CAD/CAM system, sewing equipment and clothing enterprises new technology products trade fair etc.. For the first time, the conference will offer free two nights hotel accommodation to buyers from overseas and outside Guangdong. Hope that these measures will attract more new customers to visit, so that the exhibition will bring together the industry peers, looking for opportunities. (Tian Xiaoxia)

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